Video and animation studio upgrade | Upgrading Studio 2

We’ve completed our video and animation studio upgrade! Studio 2 is a fantastic space we’re all really proud of. It needed a fresh lease of life so this gave us an ideal opportunity to start from a clean sheet and build the suite of our dreams! We started with a lovely acoustic wall with top grade sound insulation onto which we mounted a 65″ plasma screen. The mid grey covering is perfectly neutral for judging colour, and it was Steve’s bright idea to add contra lighting to enhance the viewing experience.  Phillips Hue means we can provide perfect 6500 degree Kelvin white backlight (for colour work) but it can also be customised for millions of colours to reproduce corporate branding etc. We’ve been having lots of fun surprising guests with their logos and corporate colours!

We have beautiful new furniture, including a stunning vintage Heals burr walnut table and chairs, Mies Van de Rohe sofa, as well as some really nice film related objects. We’ve also added a lovely Eizo self calibrating colour grading monitor to compliment our Overclockers, 18core 4K edit powerhouse.  All works so nicely as an edit, sound and grading setup.

Our video and animation studio upgrade has been really well received. Clients are giving me really positive feedback about attending edits (socially distanced) as the space is so roomy, but the remote editing is proving equally popular.

From home (or anywhere they like), clients can VC into an edit and see the editor, timeline and playout in realtime. Editing remotely has been a huge success, as our clients are finding it so easy to collaborate on projects, without having to come in (but we do love seeing everyone in person).

What’s so clever about the space is that it is also multipurpose. It is also available for a meeting room or training space (with full video conferencing).