Realtime Animation – Something special for e-events

We were recently given a brief that really got us thinking. “How can we inject something really unique and attention grabbing to our e-event? We want to really really wow our audiences!” Our solution? Realtime animation.

So as experts in animation and motion graphics, we got our heads together. We created an animated explainer film, with an animated character setting the scene. The character set the scene for each of the topics to be covered during the event.

Animating characters can be time consuming, so instead, we rigged an electronic puppet to respond to a live performance. The character was mapped to a human face on a video camera, so when they spoke, hands, eyes lips, hair and body movements were all mirrored – in real time! Animated characters can be recorded, or used to respond to a live audience, or on video calls like Zoom. Even during live events! We designed the character to an exact brief, and iterated with the client until she was just what they wanted. Keying the puppet against 5 live action backgrounds enabled us to focus on the performance, so a number of films to be made in a fraction of the time.

Realtime animation is really entertaining, it’s also faster to make and really sticky. What’s more, as the character responds to a live performance, it’s a surprisingly cost effective.Not only is it original and fun, but it can be achieved within modest budgets as well.