Studio 1 Build Underway!

We're all about bringing audiences closer to brands, so we have put together some fantastic new services to make our mission easier. The most rewarding of our refresh projects has started, with a total revamp of our main space.

We wanted a versatile studio space which would suit to a broad range of projects, including photography, filming, interviews, pack shots, webcasts etc and also contain our extensive collection of kit - cameras, lighting, sound and grip! Everyone has been involved in some way, including the specification, rewire, build and setup  - over many late nights (as doing things socially distantly can make things take a little longer!) The acoustic sound wall is a great backdrop in it's own right, but is also quickly adapted to white and green backdrops.

Neil has been busily speccing the new webcasting suite. This replaces our old kit and will mean we can webcast multiple camera sources, presentations, videos etc via a fantastic new vision mixing suite. In addition, a new fibre 100/100 leased line has been connected. This we hope will encourage people to think about webcasting as an easy, creative and cost effective way to reach their audiences.

We have heard in the past that some people are turned off from webcasting as it seems too technical and too costly to do regularly. We hope our new setup will turn this around, giving easy, high quality, cost effective access webcast productions. This will mean companies can talk to their workforce, or sales people to their clients etc more regularly, with minimum fuss or experience.

One of the nicest things we've all felt is the excitement of building something new together and were equally thrilled with the early feedback we've been getting. We can't wait to share it with everyone.