When it comes to videos for events, one size doesn't fit all

Whether you’re planning an event for business or for the public, a conference or virtual product launch, we’re skilled in delivering higher levels of engagement with memorable videos and innovative solutions that get people talking.


Our video solutions can offer specialist services which include:

  • Outdoor

    Creative films designed for public digital information displays, panoramic screens and unusual display formats that make the most of the space. Content that captures attention, informs and entertains.

  • Custom Video-based Activities

    Making video a part of the event itself. Our understanding of video technologies and unique methodology has helped us create many memorable and unique experiences.

  • Live HD & 4K recording

    For immediate playback or location editing.

  • Live syndication of events

    To social platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, as well as embedded feeds.

  • Subscription streaming

    Including ticketing and micropayments.

  • Specialist Equipment

    Such as motion control, slow motion, stabiliser mounts, aerial filming (including platforms, drones, jibs) and time-lapse.

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