Video Production

As specialists in communicating with video, our clients trust us to take care of all aspects of their productions, from creative concepts through to the finished product. Whether it's an event, corporate promo, animation or studio production, our friendly and dedicated approach will ensure that you receive the best result and have an enjoyable experience creating it.

Creative Corporate Video

Our corporate video production company has earned a great reputation and industry recognition for creating award-winning videos across all sectors and genres.

Online video accounts for 74% of all online traffic so just having video on your website isn’t enough – you need to really stand out.


We make films for all purposes, including internal communications, B2B communications, campaigns, fundraising films, advertising, online videos, social media and a comprehensive range of event and streaming services.

We’re proud of our clients and are privileged to have contributed our film making expertise to some of their biggest business challenges.

Campaign Videos

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Winning hearts and minds means creating a film with a big idea at it’s core, which resonates with people on an emotional level. We ask people to stop and think again.


But changing attitudes through video is more than just creative film-making.

We understand that a great idea is nothing without a thorough understanding of your audiences, project aims, channels and ways to measure the effectiveness of every campaign. Our methodology is proven - the results have received prestigious industry recognition from EVCOM with Gold and Highly Commended Awards for Communication Effectiveness and Marketing and PR.


We’ve delivered videos that have been aired on national television, others that have enjoyed UK wide cinema release; as well as for social, email and targeted B2B campaigns.

Training Videos

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Inject creativity, clarity and the highest production standards by choosing @Voytek to produce your next business training videos.


Training videos can enthuse, inspire and build confidence.  They can help to introduce difficult concepts; challenge audiences; create impactful explainer videos or address the elephant in the room!


Video can also provide a structure for your training programme, ensuring your messages are being told the same way every time and that are not only heard, but remembered.


There are other benefits too;


  •  Increase your ROI on training spend, with video that can reduce  the need for trainers and extend your reach.
  •  Tailor the content easily to each audience with module based programming.
  •  Deliver training online or via your Intranet.
  • Give colleagues a means to refresh their knowledge with content you know is up to date.


Make your next training session unforgettable!

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Animation & Graphics Videos

Our graphics and animation team will bring your story to life. Character animation can relay the hardest of emotional stories, or explain complex business processes. Whilst 2D or 3D motion graphics can add sparkle to live action productions, or tell stories in their own right. We even design and produce animated logos.


@Voytek are unique in that we bring extensive communications and organisational experience to our work, greatly reducing our learning curve and  allowing us to bring you a fresh perspective.


So if you need an infographic, animated short, graphic, logo build or any animation, we’d love to get involved.

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Product Showcase

What better way to demonstrate your fantastic products than with video. We can combine a range of production techniques to show your product in the best light.


Explainer videos are also a great way to show your product’s capabilities and to get everyone talking.

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Creative Video Pre-Production

The best films start with a really good conversation. Tell us your story, immerse us in the detail and we’ll come up with ideas that will tell it in a way your audience won’t forget.


This can involve a variety of disciplines including:


Creative treatments

We look at your brief differently and apply our experience of long and short form film making to translate it into a memorable video communication


Storyboards / pre-visualisation

We create graphics that help everyone see the film before it is made. This can be on paper, using sketches, stills from recces, or sometimes rough animations or ‘animatics’ to get a sense of the flow, script voice and music choices



Taking complex ideas and interpreting them in to simple and clever narrative.



Getting the best locations, obtaining permissions and clearances,



The right talent can make a production. We manage the entire process, from the casting brief through to screen tests, drawing the best actors from agencies across the UK.


Music and Voice Over

Our extensive and broadcast quality music library and connections with leading voice agencies will get you exactly the right feel.

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Evcom Screen Awards Gold Winner for Marketing and PR
Sony Independent Certified Experts
Evcom Screen Awards Gold Winner for Marketing and PR
Sony Independent Certified Experts

Evcom Screen Awards Gold Winner for Marketing and PR
Sony Independent Certified Experts